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Find out more about Rachel Smith and Lynne Testoni, the senior journos and podcasters who are behind The Content Byte Summit

The organisers

Meet Lynne and Rachel .

Hello! We're Lynne Testoni and Rachel Smith - writers, podcasters and conference organisers. We're the hosts of the podcast The Content Byte, which is one of Australia’s most successful career podcasts, reaching more than 600 people every week and enjoying more than 90,000 total downloads over five years. It has established itself as the go-to podcast for industry professionals, ranking in the top 2.5% of podcasts worldwide.

You also might know Rachel from Rachel's List, a jobs board and community helping thousands of Aussie freelancers connect and find work. Rachel and Lynne have dedicated years to helping freelancers and the Summit is more of the same – on a bigger scale.

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We met in the magazine world and became friends and work colleagues... and later, bonded over a shared love of writing podcasts. When we couldn’t find a podcast that covered writing, content and freelance business tips for a local audience, we decided to create our own, in 2019.

Our podcast initially featured just us, but then we opened up the floor to guests and things grew from there. We’ve talked to high-level book editors, magazine chiefs, content directors and freelancers of all kinds about how they’ve built a successful business. We’ve covered just about every topic – from firing bad clients to making good money. The Summit came about because we wanted to take off our headphones and bring our listeners, Rachel’s Listers and other freelancers from all walks of life to meet, mingle and learn.

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It's hard to talk about The Content Byte without mentioning Rachel’s List – for although they’re separate entities, the two will always be intrinsically linked. And of course, they both speak to similar audiences – people who use their words to make money!

Rachel founded Rachel’s List well over a decade ago and for many years it’s been a go-to website and community for talented, established freelancers looking to pick up work and connect with other writers and creatives. We’re excited to bring the Rachel’s List audience and The Content Byte audiences together again for Summit 2024!