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#TheQuickie: We chat to Oliver Garside from Rounded

Give us your Rounded elevator pitch. Rounded is the only invoicing and accounting tool built specifically for freelancers and sole traders. It streamlines business admin and gives you the confidence to make smart decisions.

One piece of good advice for freelancers… When it comes to running your business, try to work out the things you’re good at and the things you’re not so good at ASAP. Get help with the things you’re not so good at so you can concentrate on the things you are!

One common mistake you see freelancers making… Not taking control of business admin and finances until it’s too late. This is so often the cause of cashflow issues, getting invoices paid on time and extra costs at tax time.

One Instagram account worth following… The Jamie Brindle. He has such a unique and friendly way of articulating the challenges all freelancers face.

One freelance resource or tool you really like… Plausible Analytics is great. Much easier than Google Analytics to set up and use and it doesn’t get blocked by ad/pop up blockers.

One thing you’re most looking forward to about the Summit… Meeting and talking to lots of inspiring and creative freelancers!

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