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True Green Hosting

#TheQuickie: True Green Web hosting

What should freelancers know about True Green? 

True Green® is changing web hosting for the better in Australia. We’re passionate about offsetting the carbon the dirty web produces for a green future.

One piece of good advice for freelancers… 

Find ways to encourage your clients to grow without compromising on the planet. A few simple steps can have a considerable impact on our climate, e.g. packaging suggestions, choosing an eco-friendly supplier, and recycling initiatives for their products or services.

Feel free to add your values and personality to your work and relationships. This differentiation will set you apart from others and improve the world.

One common mistake you see freelancers making…

We often see freelancers devaluing their work or time. It can be challenging as we all want to please clients and make a good impression. However, it’s healthy to set barriers and find clients that are the right fit for how you want to operate.

For example, you may want to avoid working weekends to ensure you have work-life-balance, set up an online calendar for people to book a time that suits both parties (saving the back-and-forth conversations) and set clear principles of how you are to communicate with each other, not get caught working for free or last minute to satisfy client demand, charge for administration or meetings.

One Instagram account worth following?

We’re all about empowering women in business, and we believe Business Chicks is the channel that embraces this ethos. Plus, there are wonderful opportunities to support and network with other women, including freelancers.

One freelance resource or tool you really like… 

The Freelance Jungle. Rebekah Lambert, the founder, is super passionate about helping freelancers and knows what it’s like in the industry. They provide many resources to support those starting or running a freelance business.

Find out more about True Green here

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