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Quick chat with Kirsty Fanton

You’ve been in marketing for many years. What do you love about what you do?
I was a therapist before I made the move to copywriting, and I LOVE that the work I do now allows me to use everything I know about how humans work (e.g. how we form relationships, make decisions, change our narratives etc) to hit goals that can be easily measured.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?
This is going to sound eye-rollingly convenient (given this blog is all about the Summit!), but meeting people in person. The connections and opportunities that have come from every event I’ve been to — whether it’s been a mastermind meet-up, a retreat, or speaking on stage — have altered the course of my business in the best ways possible, from landing dreamy clients to launching podcasts and partnering on some incredibly profitable and profile-raising offers.

Have you always worked for yourself? What do you enjoy about freelancing?
No! I worked as a therapist until 2017, so spent the first chunk of my career embedded in a more traditional 9-5 type set-up. While I do miss some elements of that work, there’s something deeply satisfying about building a business that suits your life, skills, and interests.

What skills do you think are the most important for freelancers to acquire?
Can I be cheeky here, and say I think the most important skills are those that take you from being a freelancer to a business owner?

In order to make that shift, I think the two skills you really need to leverage are self-promotion (whether that looks like ‘quieter’, behind-closed-doors kinds of stuff, such as direct pitches and killer sales calls, or public-facing stuff such as prolific list-building and a successful podcast) and trust in your ability to figure stuff out as you go.

Why do you think the Summit is important for freelancers?
It’ll be no surprise here that my answer is the chance to meet other freelancers and business owners in person, both for the connections you’ll make and the ideas, energy, and motivation that brings to your business. It’s always very cool to see what trajectories people go off on after an event like this!

The conference theme is all about futureproofing your career. What steps are you taking to futureproof your own?
This is something I’m working through at the moment! I’m just about to return to work after my second round of maternity leave, and it feels like so much has changed in the copywriting space while I’ve been away. My big task for the next 12 months is refining my niche even more, so I exist in a space I can really, truly own.

Do you think the future is exciting for freelancers, and if so, why?

Businesses are increasingly open to hiring specialists to complete projects and hit goals, so as long as your positioning is clear and compelling, and you’re not afraid to put yourself out there (ok, you can be afraid — the important bit is that you do it anyway. I promise it gets more and more comfortable over time!) it’s an exciting place to be.

What are you most looking forward to at the Summit?
The chance to meet everyone in real life! There are a bunch of familiar names and faces on the speaker list this year, and I can’t wait to take some relationships off zoom and into a physical room.
(This might be the part where I mention I’m an avid but awkward hugger… if you’re ok with the possibility of me accidentally standing on your foot or face-planting into your ear, please come say hi! It’ll make my day ☺️)

Kirsty is a speaker on Day 1: Demystifying email strategy — for yourself and your clients.

Find out more about Kirsty on her profile page.

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