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Quick chat with Kim Kerton

You’ve been an entrepreneur for many years. What do you love about what you do?

The ability to explore new ideas, interests and curiosities as an entrepreneur is what I love the most, and the podcast industry allows so much of this curiosity to go on wild tangents strategically, creatively and technically – it’s a joy. 

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Supporting Queensland Tourism and Events to craft a podcast series that explored accessible travel through lived experience – important conversations that make a positive impact is always a highlight – and sharing a new episode of my show Unemployed & Afraid every week is always a highlight. 

Have you always worked for yourself? What do you enjoy about freelancing?

I worked for myself as a baby entrepreneur (under the ripe old age of 21) and then spent 13 years in corporate media. Coming back to working for myself has been an incredible experience of personal growth which only entrepreneurship can bring you. 

What skills do you think are the most important for freelancers to acquire?

Sales skills. Rarely do we feel good about it, but it’s quite possibly the most important thing you can learn to do, and you only learn by doing.

Why do you think the Summit is important for freelancers?

Getting out of our own heads and engaging as a community! So easy to get caught up in what’s right in front of us when we work alone or only with a small few. 

The conference theme is all about futureproofing your career. What steps are you taking to futureproof your own?

I’m constantly challenging my perception of what my career or business “should” look like. As knowledge, interests, opportunities and challenges arise we have to remain flexible to what we offer and how we go about our business, one year it may look like full time running your own show, the next year it could be side-hustling with an employed gig – but it can all be amazing and nothing is (or should be) fixed! 

Do you think the future is exciting for freelancers, and if so, why?

With the term “portfolio career” hitting mainstream language, how can it not be exciting?

What are you most looking forward to at the Summit? (a particular speaker / session, meeting colleagues, or welcome drinks)

I’m a big fan of the empowering Brook McCarthy (as proven by how long we chatted for when I interviewed her on the pod) so hope to catch her session. 

You were a speaker at last year’s Summit. What was that like and did you learn anything you took into your own business?

It was such a high-energy, high-vibe event run with Rachel and Lynne’s signature finesse. The biggest thing I took back into my business was the incredible connections I made with the industry’s movers and shakers.

Kim is moderating the Interviewing and storytelling panel on Day 1.

Find out more about Kim on her profile page or via her website.

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