Steven Lewis

Steven Lewis

Journalist, copywriter and trainer

Steven Lewis started writing for websites in 1994, putting him among the world's first website copywriters. He has been writing professionally as a journalist and direct response copywriter ever since. His journalism has run in publications such as the Financial Times and Esquire on topics as diverse as adventure racing and the surveillance state. Steven runs the copywriting agency Taleist, and has lectured in PR and journalism. His book on public relations has been taught at Sydney University and translated for international distribution. Today, Steven's journalistic, research-based approach to copywriting services informs Taleist’s popular online copywriting courses, as well as courses in using ChatGPT for marketers and communicators. He founded The Obvious Choice, a community for consultants, coaches and small business owners who want to cement themselves as the obvious choice for their ideal clients.

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Day 2 September 14, 2024
1:50 pm - 2:40 pm



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